2003 Activities

The first annual meeting featured a travel exhibit on Germ warfare of WWII in China, June 3-6, 2003.

Book donation drive on The rape of Nanking by James Yin and Shi Young, March-July, 2003: This large (9x12, 328 pages with 400+ pictures) hardcover pictorial by Shi Yeung and James Yin, in both Chinese and English, is among the most comprehensive records of the Nanking Massacre of 1937.

Tour to L.A. Tolerance Museum on September 28, 2003

Co-sponsored by US-China People's Friendship Association and LA-Alliance to Preserve the History of WWII in Asia (LA-ALPHA). To learn from the Jewish people about their culture, holocaust experience, humanity issues, and etc.

The first biennial essay contest for college students, Oct, 2003.

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