2013 Activities

Haoqi Long Epic Scroll

An amazing scroll first unveiled in Chongqing China in 2010 and a smaller vinyl replica is touring the U.S. with a one day stop in San Diego on September 22, 2013 (2-4pm). The scroll depicts martyrs, Chinese foreign and political figures, and civil and common people during the Anti-Japanese War in WWII. The scroll will be on display at 541B Second Avenue. Admission is $4 (members and children under 12 free). Click here for more information. For a documentary film on Haoqi Long Epic Scroll see "My Heart for China."

Poetry Reading

Wing Tek Lum read poetry from his book "The Nanjing Massacre: Poems. The poems were inspired by the research of Iris Chang. For more information click here.

Point Loma History Awards Banquet

Seven students from the history class of Mr. Patrick McElhaney at Point Loma High School were recognized for essays they wrote about their reflection after watching the movie "Nanking" at the 8th Annual Point Loma History Awards Banquet at Bali Hai Restaurant. The students were Kyle Demay, Shelby Moss, Rochele Moohey, Kyle Gunning, Stephanie Castaneda, Lorena Arroya and Emily Plummer. Click here to read more.

APHAFIC 11th Annual Meeting

APHAFIC held its 11th Annual Meeting on Sunday, June 9, 2013 at the San Diego Chinese Historical Society and Museum, San Diego, CA. This year's keynote speach was given by Mr. Barry A. Fisher. Mr. Fisher served on a multinational negotiation team and counsel in German and Austrian Holocaust settlements, as well as class counsel on Swiss Banks Holocaust cases. For more information click here. Also see pamphlet.

Seminar/Workshop on Teaching WWII History in Asia-Pacific Theater

Regular, Honors, and AP World/Euro/US history teachers were invited to participate in a seminar/workshop regarding World War II in China. Participants learned from veteran history teachers about how to approach the topic, and new insights they gained while traveling through China. Participating teachers received free curricular resources and will be treated to a light Chinese meal - a wonderful opportunity to connect students to the history of one of the most important countries in the World.

When: Wednesday, March 20, 3:30-5:00 pm

Where: Madison High School, Room 209

Registration: www.sandi.net/ero (Registration deadline: March 15)

Contacts: Matt Hayes, Program Manager, Student Programs and Professional Learning; San Diego Unified School District, (619) 725-7138, mhayes@sandi.net

See report about event here.

Annual Meeting to be Held June 9th

The APHAFIC will hold its annual meeting on June 9th from 2-4 pm at San Diego Chinese Historical Museum featuring a talk on ‘Japan's Wartime Crimes: The Struggle for World Chinese Redress’ by Mr. Barry Fisher, FLEISHMAN & FISHER law firm, Los Angles. Mr. Fisher had represented the former Japanese sexual slaves and forced laborers from China (including the indigenous Taiwanese women), Korea, the Philippines to sue Japan in US courts and went to the US Supreme Court twice for the "Comfort Women" to pursue justice.

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