2006 World War II Essay Contest

To raise awareness of the events of WWII in Asia

TOPIC: "Japanese Colonialism in China"

Applicants must focus on a theme, an event, or a process that was significant  during WWII  in China, and discuss its historical impact as well as its lessons for today.



Eligibility: Full time undergraduates enrolled in an accredited college in San Diego county.

Deadline:  All applications and completed essays must be postmarked by March 25, 2006.   Winners will be announced by April 10, 2006.  Send all completed application forms and five copies of your essays to:


Essay Committee:


2575 Ardath Road

La Jolla CA 92037  

INSTRUCTIONS: Applicants should send five copies of both the application form and the essay to the selection committee.  The length of the essay should not exceed 2,000 words.  Please do not write applicant’s name on the essay.             

Essays should be properly documented with either footnotes or endnotes, and bibliography.  Use of primary materials is preferred, but not required.  Evaluation of an essay will be based on its overall strength, including its organization, clarity, the persuasiveness of its arguments, and the thoughtfulness of its conclusions.

Inquiries:  Contact the Essay Committee of AHPAFIC at NCHLO@san.rr.com or (858) 459-7313 (evening) or (858) 546-7123(day).

Click here for an application.


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