APHAFIC Outreach Committee - Trip to San Diego High School

APHAFIC Outreach Committee:  Jack Meng, Michael Lee, Hongfang Sha and Mary Yan-Lee

The outreach committee was established during the August 2006APHAFIC board meeting.  The  mission of this committee is to provide opportunities to high school students to learn about WWII history in Asia. The very first activity was presentations given to two history classes of San Diego High School by Colonel Frank Mason on December 12 ,2006, and a showing of a documentary film of ‘ Japanese Devils," December 13, 2006. Colonel Mason is a long time member of APHAFIC and was a POW during WWII in a Japanese lead mine in Kamioka, Japan from May 1942-September 1945. Colonel Mason talked about the war crimes committed by Japanese Imperial Army and his experiences as a prisoner of war. Students raised many questions about the war. Nancy Lo presented two books on WWII to the high school, accepted by Mr. Arron De Groot, the history teacher: The Rape of Nanking by Iris Chang and the Goddess of America at the Rape of Nanking, the true story of Minnie Vautrin by Hua-Ling Hu. For further information, please contact Jack Meng at jackhmeng@sbcglobal.net or simply click on ‘Contact us’ below.


Colonel Mason


The Class at San Diego High School


Jack Meng, Colonel Mason, Aaron De Groot, Nancy Lo


2007 U.S. Teacher's Institute Tour: An intensive program to enhance the teachers’ understanding of the cultural and historical background of China during the Asia-Pacific War from 1931-1945 (http://www.global-alliance.net/China-Tour-2007/) Mr. Aaron De Groot, will be among 10 teachers to participate in this rare 15-day intensive summer study tour of China from June 27-July 10,2007.  The program includes lectures and discussion of the history of Sino-Japanese relations, visits to museums and historical sites, meeting survivors of wartime atrocities, and participation in briefing and reflective sessions. Cities to be visited will include Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Yiwu and other places of interest.  Mr. De Groot’s trip was financed by APHAFIC and other GA organizations.


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