• President: Nancy Lo
  • VP: Jack Meng
  • Secretary: Winnie Davis
  • Treasurer: Ronghui (Lily) Xu

Our Mission

The Association for Preserving the Historical Accuracy of Foreign Invasions in China (APHAFIC) strives to preserve the true history of the period of foreign invasions in China from 19th century to the end of the World War II. Our missions are:

  1. To promote, through educational programs and community actions, that war crimes shall not occur again and that world peace shall be maintained.
  2. To work toward the elimination of any act of inhumanity through promotion of the understanding of historical lessons.
  3. To commemorate the victims of the Japanese Imperial Army during World War II in Asia.
  4. To raise the awareness of Chinese artwork looted during this period, which hopefully will lead to the return of displaced Chinese artwork to their rightful owners.